Residential IT Consulting


Sold By: Redreamed Co.


Buy scheduling an appointment you are accepting the Agreement below:

This agreement is a general agreement between, henceforth known as “Provider,” and the Buyer, henceforth known as “Recipient.”

Starting on the appointment date and time the Provider will provide General IT Consulting and Services. The agreement will terminate upon the completion of services or once scheduled time is depleted.

The Recipient has pre-paid for time upon scheduling the consult. Additional parts, services and time may be required to complete the task at hand. Recipient agrees to pay these extra fees.

Repairs that fall under an agreed warranty will not be charged to the Recipient. Recipient understands that some damages are not covered by warranty. Both Provider and Recipient will refer to warranty terms and agree upon the services that are to be provided.

The Provider shall repair or replace any outdated, missing or damaged subassemblies or components. The replacements shall be of similar or better quality than those that are being replaced.

Recipient accepts liability for all possible damages to property that may happen during aspects of services.

The Recipient shall be responsible for backing up data from the computer. The Recipient shall hold harmless the Provider for any accidental data loss.

The Recipient knows and understands that the Provider has no licenses or certifications of any kind. Recipient assumes all risks of using the Providers services.

Any violation of the aforementioned terms will be considered a breach of contract. The agreement is listed above in its entirety.

We reserve the right to update this agreement at anytime without notice. Last update 7/28/2016


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