The Redreamed Co. was born early 2016 out of a love for hand crafted accessory and custom apparel.

We sought out to create unique and impressive items to inspire a generation of people who are so often dying as a copy. Our goal is to spark a revolution of Readreamer’s who are willing to stand out and nullify normality.


Our Story:

My name is Levi, I am a graphic designer and I’m paired with a really creative and wordy lady, Emily. Life together is fun, adventurous, and beautiful just because we opened our eyes to the overlooked, mundane, and often unappreciated. Because of all that, we’ve had the “that should be a t-shirt” moment many times and geeked-out with ideas of how it would look. We started keeping a journal and filling it with our ideas.

We finally decided to start turning these ideas from dreams and into reality by designing them, printing them, and sharing them with friends and family.

Most Recent Product!

Only One

Unique Teacup Candle #3

Suggested Price: $15.00

This is a unique, one of a kind, Teacup Candle!

Creamy Yellow – Snickerdoodle

Sold By: Redreamed Co.